About TM&Company Ltd

About TM&Company Ltd.


We are a talent development consultancy that focuses on trust and team performance. Our consultants (located in London, UK and Auckland, NZ) work with leaders and their teams to build greater capacity, collaboration and leadership impact.

In our experience, high performers are already technically and intellectually smart enough. So we focus on the crucial elements that are often missing – commercially grounded emotional and social intelligence and an understanding of the team dynamics that drive sustainable high performance.

By focusing on mastering capacity, and on building exceptional relationships and cultures, we help leaders create healthy high performance work places for themselves, their teams and their organisations.

If you’d like to find out more, you can reach us here.

Why Choose Us?


We are specialists in peak performance for teams and their leaders. We use internationally proven tools that give instant insight and clarity on the most effective and powerful ways forward.

We’ve worked in the corporate world and with public services, so we’re familiar with the challenges of juggling internal demands and outside influences.

Maybe more importantly, we focus on delivering tangible results and sustainable behaviour change. We understand the need to not just feel, but to see and show the impact of the changes you’re making.

We Balance Behaviour Change With Proven Tools, Used Worldwide

We’re Lumina Practitioners and an Authorised Partner of Wiley’s Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team and Everything DiSC, which means we can help you identify the areas of strength and development and work with you to create a plan that will keep you moving forward.

We’ll Respect What’s Already Working For You

We’re not here to help you reinvent the wheel, instead, we’ll take the time to understand what’s already working for you. Then we’ll explore if, and how, we can help you make those wheels run smoother and faster. Our aim is simply to help you to create greater awareness, understanding and collaboration so you can achieve stronger and more sustainable outcomes – however you define success.

Who We Work With


Our clients span sectors and seniority across corporations, public service organisations, medium sized businesses and funded start ups.

What our clients share is the desire to bring their teams together in powerful and practical ways and to maximise their training or learning and development budgets while getting meaningful gains for the business and the people involved.

We have provided facilitation, coaching and bespoke team development for MOPAC (Mayors Office of Policing and Crime, London), HS2 (High Speed Rail 2, UK), Sodexo and creative agencies in London. We have coached CFOs, MDs, Directors, VPs, middle managers and start-ups and have held masterclasses for RBS, Barclays, EY and An Inspirational Journey, for audiences as small as 40 and as large as 180.

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