About Teresa


I’m Teresa Mitrovic, the Managing Director and Lead Consultant at TM&Company Ltd.

I founded TM&Company Ltd after a career where I watched high performers burn out, give up, or leave to start their own businesses. My own experience as a Manager using a coaching style with my teams had a profound experience on my team members, the quality of our work, my own capacity and energy levels and our operating profit. I felt frustrated by the disconnect between what is possible in business and what we actually do.

I’m privileged to be partnering with clients to create tailored development journeys for leaders and teams that integrate the mindset, behaviours and communication skills that are the key to healthy high performance. My clients have described the work we do as inspiring, thought provoking and engaging.

I’m a qualified and experienced executive coach, psychometric practitioner and consultant with a background in senior corporate marketing roles with some of the best known brands in the world including Universal Pictures, The Walt Disney Company and Hasbro.

My approach is influenced by neuroscience, NLP, emotional, social and conversational intelligence and positive psychology.

My Philosophy

I believe we’re so focused on the race to stay relevant that we have forgotten how to connect with each other intelligently.

In a world driven by the quality of the relationships we create, we have been focusing more on ‘doing’ than ‘being’. On ‘hard skills’ which are (comparatively) easy, when it’s ‘soft’ skills which unlock the individual competence and collective wisdom that drives creativity, innovation and collaboration.

We are already intelligent enough; now it’s time to shift towards focusing on creating capacity, connection and character.

If you would like to hear more about what I, and the team do, or if you’re fascinated and driven by the same things, connect with us here and let’s talk.