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Proven Assessments, Used Worldwide

We use Wiley’s Everything DiSC tools to inform our one to one coaching, team engagements and management and leadership group workshops. Clear, effective and integrated, they’re designed to make developing your talent enjoyable and effective.

Everything DiSC Workplace is designed to help you understand the strengths and behavioural blind spots that are influencing your working relationships. It provides guidance on how to ‘people read’ so you can understand – and meet the needs – of others better and shares insights to help you build stronger and more effective relationships. Click here to see a sample profile.

Everything DiSC Management is for Managers looking to further develop their one to one management style, foster greater employee engagement, improve delegation skills and manage up more effectively. Click here to see a sample Management profile.

Work of Leaders enables leaders to clearly identify where their strengths lie and what areas need to be developed to enable excellence from strategic direction to tactical execution. Click here to see a sample Work of Leaders profile.

363 for Leaders provides a robust 360 report which outlines leadership outlook, clearly captures feedback on key leadership behaviours and recommends three developmental strategies based on the feedback of rater’s. Click here to see a sample 363 for Leaders profile.

Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team provides insights into what it takes to build a truly cohesive, effective and high performing team in the most approachable, competent, and effective way possible. Click here to see a sample Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team assessment.

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Executive Coaching

Our one to one coaching is specifically designed to create an open, engaging and transformative experience for our coachees and a smooth and transparent process for our sponsors. We create a full picture of behaviour at work and involve sponsors in the design, and review of each programme.

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Team Development

Team development can range from a single away day (which reviews team dynamic, personal behaviours and strategies for working smarter together to achieve team goals), to a full team programme of workshops and executive coaching.

We will consult openly with you about the level of engagement you’re likely to require to get the outcomes you’re looking for.

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Management Development

Working one to one or with groups, we contrast current Management behaviours with best practise from the field. Managers gain insights into their management style through assessment and receive a personalised framework for bringing out the best from their team members plus strategies for working more effectively with their managers. A blend of coaching and training helps bring those insights to life and tailor implementation for greater impact.


Leadership Development

Through a series of strategy sessions that blend assessment, training and coaching, we give Leaders and Leadership teams the ability to step back and gain perspective and clarity on the reach, impact and effectiveness of their leadership behaviour. Working with us, they gain insights into how and why elements of the business are working while others aren’t and how changes in their leadership style can drive greater effectiveness and higher performance from Executive level to front line employees.


Bespoke Workshops

Sometimes you need something a little more tailored to meet a specific project need. If you have a project group rather than a team, or a cohort of people you’re taking on a professional development journey, we can offer you a bespoke session or series of sessions to help you deal with a number of key areas such as embracing change, improving performance under pressure, personal excellence and managing conflict.

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