Teresa listens to the needs of our organisation and delivers a flexible, pragmatic and highly effective response.

Consistently professional in her delivery approach, she blends this with a strong knowledge base, a humanistic style and a good measure of humour.
— Talent Director (UK & Ireland), Global Facilities Management (London, UK)

Happy Clients


Since working with Teresa I have become more focused, productive and able to negotiate challenging situations at work. I feel more confident and able to communicate my opinions when things aren't working which means my relationship with my team is stronger and my results are improved. I particularly valued Teresa's flexibility, expertise and her frank, yet fun style. I would definitely recommend her as a coach.

co-founder & director, Mastered (london, uk)


Teresa demonstrates an innate and unique ability to understand how individuals tick. She is able to grasp team strategy and match organisational imperatives with strong people values which in turn produces results and leads to a healthier working environment.

I highly recommend TM&Company for organisational cultural recalibration, facilitation of behavioural workshops, general consulting on strategy and behaviour around change management alongside more personalised individual coaching.

Communications & marketing manager,

University of auckland business school
(New Zealand)

Teresa quickly developed an initial diagnosis of the underlying issues which, through effectively engaging with line managers, colleagues and, importantly, external stakeholders, she was able to refine to propose a programme designed to develop both individuals and teams.

I was struck by the stream of positive feedback I received, which I believe is a testament to her ability to engage people and develop an easy and trusting rapport.

head of organisational development,

civil service
(London, UK)


TM&Company are fantastic to work with! I particularly value the way Teresa listens to the needs of our organisation and delivers a flexible, pragmatic and highly effective response. 

Teresa is consistently professional in her delivery approach.  She blends this with a strong  knowledge base, a humanistic style and a good measure of humour. 

I would absolutely recommend Teresa as a trusted professional partner, well suited to supporting organisations' to meet their talent and organisational development priorities. 

talent director, global facilities management
(UK & Ireland)


The coaching sessions with Teresa have been incredibly insightful, at times emotional but ultimately have begun to help me in areas of my life where I have been lacking confidence and direction. Teresa is fantastic. I have found her to be very approachable. She is very natural and friendly which has put me at ease when talking through issues that I have previously found difficult. I would highly recommend this and have found that whilst at times I am challenged (not a bad thing!), it has ultimately been a very positive experience.

account manager,
digital agency

(London, UK)

I found all of the sessions extremely helpful and enlightening. From distilling all the areas of my life into key focus areas and becoming aware of what needed the most focus made everything so clear. We focused on three different chunky areas and nailed each of them. Teresa listened carefully at each stage, was enthusiastic, positive yet challenging when I looked to be taking an easy route. Teresa always acted as a guide, asking questions and digging deep to find the crux of the problem. I couldn’t have been happier with Teresa’s professionalism and help.

Senior national account manager,

(London, UK)

The coaching I have received has been invaluable. I went into the process a little cynical, but every one of Teresa’s sessions has been hugely beneficial. My life is incredibly hectic and she has helped me figure out my goals and priorities and motivated me to achieve them.

International product director,

(London, UK)

Teresa’s coaching sessions have been a tremendous help in focussing my career and life goals. We assessed my current career situation and mapped out the measurable goals required to achieve my ideal career situation. Working with Teresa has been really beneficial in helping me identify my goals and the steps to achieve them.

Senior insights analyst, (London, uk)