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culture change

Rate Determined by Client Brief —  Change and the transitions that follow can be chaotic and complex or challenging and transformational. From 'brief' to 'legacy' we create change programmes that allow clients to become change agents who can confidently navigate their team and organisation through transitions. 

vision, values & strategy sessions

Variable Package Rate Determined by Client Brief — A series of half day off site sessions to craft a vision, identify values and determine the high level goals that align the 'what' and 'how' to the 'why'. Once mapped, those components are developed into a plan for socialising with leaders and teams so every contingent can breathe life into the vision by chunking the high level goals down into relevant, team specific goals.

bespoke change & development programmes

Rate Determined by Client Brief — When your situation requires a little of everything, or the challenge seems clearer than the solution, a tailored response might be the best response. Contact us to talk through your situation and we'll explore options with you.


Complimentary initial call 30 mins — If you'd like to explore whether we can help you create a stronger team or higher trust in your organisation, call us. We'll know in the first 15 minutes whether we're the right fit for you and the challenge or not. And if we're not, we'll be honest about that.

Per hour Consulting — For sound boarding, advice, or when developing proposals, case studies or performing discovery work to determine the scope and source of the challenge. 

candidate profiling

Fee per Candidate — Before your next critical hire, take the time to review their psychometrics. Includes a brief with you to understand the existing team culture and job requirements; profiling for the candidate; feedback to the candidate (with transparency about what will be shared with you as the client); and feedback to you about alignment of qualities to competencies and possible derailers. 

team cohesion & performance

Variable Package Rate Determined by Client Brief — Standard inclusions are team culture definition,  team member profiling, critical behaviours and derailers, performance under pressure. May also include; goal setting, 200% accountability,  stakeholder mapping, conflict management, communication and client specific requests to anticipate or meet a client's unique needs.

leadership 360 review

Fee per Leader — Gauge leadership performance using one of the newest tools on the market, driven by neuroscience and psychology. Facilitate results one to one and as a group to maximise individual self awareness, and collective intent towards and accountability for change and development.

executive & leadership coaching

Variable Package Rate — Great Managers and Leaders have the potential to make or break careers, teams and organisational cultures. Coaching is a tool to sharpen awareness, refine leadership skills, nuance management up, down and across, and to nurture the flexible mindset needed to anticipate and respond to change and challenge with grace. 

Seminars & TALKS

Per event rate — Our founder Teresa delivers interactive seminars and engaging talks about:
> The DNA of High Performing Teams
> Becoming Change Agile
> Leveraging The Power & Paradox of Trust
> Leadership for High Trust Cultures
> How Good Relationships Become Great

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